“PARS” Sub-specialty Hospital | 2015 | This logotype represents the comfort and quietness in a medical center by using fluid forms. Design by: Maryam Khaleghi Yazdi, Ramin Pahlavan Hosseini, 
Mohsen Zakeri
“KHALEGHI” | 2012 | TI have designed this logo which presents my last name. It is inspired from Moroccan Kufic script, which has Persian mood and is also dynamic and modern.
“POORYA” Wrestling Club | 2015 |  This logo is inspired from the ‘wrestlers tangling feet while wrestling’. Hence, this sport is considered one of the oldest sports in Iran, it also has been used from the color and forms of special shorts of wrestlers in ancient Iran.
“MINA” Beauty Salon | 2014 | The repetition of the simplified form of a woman’s face in this logotype, reminds the reflection in the mirror.
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