"Morphing Shadow" is an animation about a girl who has moved from her country to another country. Whenever she gets bored and needs her family, she morphs her shadow into a box that contains her family members. She takes her family members from the box, communicates with them, turns them back to the box, and finally morphs the box into her shadow. There is a snake in some scenes that symbolizes dual feelings, happiness, and depression.
Illustration and animation: Maryam Khaleghiyazdi | Music and sound effects: Siddharth Pathak
• Award of The Professional Exploration category, the World Illustration Awards, London, UK, 2021 
• Award of excellence in Communication Arts (Ca) competition, CA, USA
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• Guardian, Covid kisses and marvelous menus: the AOI world illustration awards 2021 – in pictures​​​​​​​10/12/2021

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