I created these two collections by using the morphing tool at create.playform.io. I found the morphing device compatible with my current research area, which explores my identity through migration. This tool morphs two different series of images to each other to create a third collection containing the features of both collections.This action resembles my immigration from Iran to the USA. Indeed, migration has made my Iranian identity morphs to American identity.

The first collection is the result of morphing the images of Cuckoos bird to the ancient Iranian ceramic containers. Cuckoos is a bird that lays an egg inside the nest of other birds.  I considered this bird the symbol of the American identity that nested inside my Iranian identity. I also found the ancient ceramic containers as the representatives of Iranian culture, since they are one of the most important hallmarks of Iranian culture and contain and support their content, like what a home does for it's resident.

In the second collection, I morphed the different gestures of my hands to images of pickles that I found from an American marketplace website: "Walmart."This collection resembles my development and growth during the process of migration.  Indeed, in Iranian food culture, a good pickle is an old pickle. For example, to have a perfect garlic pickle, we need to wait for seven to eight years. So, from my point of view, pickle symbolizes the meaning of development during the time. The hands represent me because I am an artist/designer who depends on her hands' power. The final images expose my hands dancing and posing inside the bottles of time.
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