I was commissioned to design the comprehensive identity system for an Iranian nonprofit organization called “Avae-Mohit-Zist,” which translates to “the voice of the environment” in Farsi. This group of dedicated Iranian environmental scientists is committed to educating the public and fostering awareness about the need to protect our environment and achieve environmental justice, equity, and rights.
The identity system for Avae-Mohit-Zist is not merely a visual representation but a powerful tool that reinforces their mission to educate, raise awareness, and promote environmental justice, equity, and rights. With this comprehensive branding strategy, Avae-Mohit-Zist is now well-equipped to make a lasting impact on the environment and inspire positive change within Iranian society and beyond.
In designing the identity system, I aimed to reflect the mission of Avae-Mohit-Zist, while also reflecting the rich environmental heritage of Iran. To create the logo, I was inspired by the Iranian oak tree leaf. The oak tree is a prominent species in the Zagros mountains forest, home to many threatened and endangered animals in Iran, and it is the subject of controversy among Iranian environmental scientists and communities.
For the brand’s typography, I selected modern, elegant typefaces that reflect clarity, ensuring the organization’s messages are effectively conveyed. The chosen colors align with the organization’s vision, with shades of green symbolizing growth, renewal, and sustainability.
Additionally, I designed engaging templates for their social media presence and promotional materials. These templates combine compelling imagery of nature and attractive graphics, encouraging the audience to connect emotionally with the content. Furthermore, I designed impactful merchandise, such as eco-friendly tote bags, apparel, and other materials, creating opportunities for the organization to raise funds and spread its message beyond traditional channels.

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