Currently, I am partnering with Innovation Scientists, a consulting and software firm dedicated to facilitating the rapid assessment and delivery of transformative research and technology for public and private entities. In this collaboration, my role is to enhance their brand identity and design various graphics for presentations and their website. I have created their website from scratch, ensuring a seamless user experience and increasing their reachability. 
Innovation Scientists already had a logo, but I elevated their brand identity by carefully selecting typefaces and creating a color palette. I picked Titillium Web and Open Sans because Titillium Web's geometric strokes perfectly align with the tech-driven mission of Innovation Scientists, reinforcing their futuristic approach, and Open Sans's modern and clean feature conveys the text message effectively.  I created shades of blue and purple for the color palette because they harmonize the technologic feeling of Innovation Scientists. By thoughtfully integrating these elements, the brand exhibits a cohesive look, ready for a more impactful and memorable presence in the industry.
As an essential part of their branding, I created a series of icons, illustrations, and graphics, background templates to be used across their website, presentations, and various other platforms. I employed the power of colors, shapes, gradients, and transparent shades to showcase Innovation Scientists' technological mission vividly.
I also designed Innovation Scientists' website, following the brand identity I designed. By incorporating the graphical elements I created, the website achieved a harmonious and consistent visual language, reinforcing its mission. To ensure a seamless user experience, I strongly emphasized user interaction throughout the website's design. By employing intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces, I aimed to create an engaging and effortless browsing experience for visitors. Every element was thoughtfully placed, and the layout was carefully structured to guide users smoothly through the site, allowing them to access relevant information easily.

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