Living in Between-Future is an interactive projection art about an immigrant's future, which is vague and vulnerable. Immigrants should expect a lot of different fortunes in their future. Various social, political, and financial parameters quickly change the future of immigrants. In this piece, I have designed 20 different fortunes that an immigrant can experience in the future. To start, audiences should select a QR code from the wall and scan it. They should find these numbers on the projection wall. Each number corresponds with a short Gif or illustration. Audiences follow each number and see the related Gif/illustration in a sequence to find their fortune. 
Presented by 
• Current New Media 2021, International interactive and video art festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 2021
• Living in Between, CICA Contemporary User Experience Art Solo Show Series, CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 2021
• Living in Between-Future, The Pearl Conard Art Gallery, Ohio State University, Mansfield, Ohio, USA, 2020
• Living in Between, Interactive art solo exhibition, Trisolini gallery, Athens, Ohio, USA, 2019
We Create, Art and Design Faculty Exhibition, University of Minnesota Duluth, MN, the USA, 2021
Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, NM, the USA, 2021
Audiences are scanning the QR codes to get their fortune teller numbers. 

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